How to choose your lawyer ?

choose your lawyer

There are several ways to find a lawyer. The main thing, when you choose a lawyer, is to be able to trust him to defend your interests.

You certainly have friends, relatives or colleagues around you who have already dealt with a lawyer.

If they are happy with their lawyer, they will recommend it to you. If, on the contrary, they do not have a good memory of it, they will advise you to flee.

Listen to those around you : if their lawyer is good enough to handle their business and recommends it, you can trust them.

Beware of those disappointed with justice : if your loved ones strongly advise you not to hire a particular lawyer, try to find out why. Was their lawyer not available enough? Or do they feel it’s the lawyer’s fault that they lot their case?

In the latter case, it is necessary to relativize: a lawyer is not a magician , he does what he can, with the elements of the file he has. If, for example, you were caught in the act of stealing, the lawyer can advise and defend you to minimize the penalty, but cannot guarantee that you will not go to prison!

Where to find a lawyer?

Check with your town hall : a list of lawyers registered with the bar in your department is posted there.

You can also find the directory of lawyers on the websites of the bar associations .

The lawyers are classified by specialty and by city. Many lawyers do not have a specialty: in this case, do not hesitate to call them to find out if they can take your case.

A word of advice: favor the proximity of your lawyer to facilitate your trips to his office.

Take it near your home, office or in any case make sure you can get there easily by public transport.

Attention ! If you choose a specialist, the fees will be more expensive since the specialized lawyer has a skill that his other colleagues do not have.

Compare lawyers’ fees

Once you have found the number of several lawyers, call them to ask them the price of the first appointment and a price range to handle your case.

Do not hesitate to call several lawyers to compare their prices.

If you plan to apply for state aid to pay your lawyer, tell the lawyer when you contact us by telephone: not all lawyers agree to defend litigants for legal aid .

Another tip: trust your first impression. Choosing your lawyer is important: if the first contact is bad, you risk having a bad feeling throughout the rest of your case, which will often take years. It is therefore better to make sure that the current goes well from the start!

Good plan: free consultation with a lawyer

There are free lawyers’ offices in town halls, law access points, lawyers’ houses, etc. You can make an appointment with these lawyers who give free consultations to get a first opinion on your affair. The lawyer who will receive you can take your file and defend you in your case.

Legal protection in the insurance contract

Do you have home insurance or do you insure your car? Did you know that you often benefit from “legal protection” insurance as part of your insurance contract?

Check your insurance contract to see if you benefit from legal protection and in which case it applies.

If you have insurance, call your insurer: they will offer you the services of a lawyer with whom the insurance company works.

Attention ! You are not obliged to take the lawyer chosen by your insurer: you can choose your own lawyer and the insurance company will have to pay your lawyer the price stipulated in your contract.

If you are being prosecuted by a criminal court, you have the right to ask for a court-appointed lawyer: be careful, court-appointed does not mean free. The judge will ask the chairman of the bar association to appoint a lawyer for you. If your income is less than €941 per month, your lawyer will be paid by the state. Beyond that, you will be asked to pay a fee.

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