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Every citizen may one day be required to consult a lawyer. A specialist in law, the lawyer has a dual role of counsel and defence. Fees are applicable, as much for an in-office consultation, as for the management of a file, to defend a case.

We explain in this article, how to choose a lawyer , according to different criteria, such as his specialization in law. We speak, for example, of labor law or family law.

It is also useful to know the means of finding a lawyer, to be represented. Any advice is appreciated, when it comes to having an agreement on fees or legal aid explained.

Why seek a lawyer?

An ordinary citizen may one day be confronted with a difficult personal situation , which leads him to seek advice from a lawyer. The professional sector can also initiate a search for lawyers, in order to unravel a complex case.

Hiring a lawyer guarantees compliance with the law and obligations. Lawyers position themselves as advisers , mediators and advocates . As a true specialist, the lawyer has a primary objective, which is to best defend the interests of his client.

Entrusting a case to a lawyer entails fees, which vary according to each law firm. There are hourly rates or even legal aid, under certain conditions.

How to choose your lawyer ? It is necessary to carry out a first analysis on the reasons, which lead to this approach.

What are the criteria for choosing a lawyer?

To fully understand how to choose a lawyer , you must first determine why you are looking for a lawyer.

Indeed, each case is different and depending on the content of the case , lawyers are specialized in certain branches of law. We consult a lawyer specializing in the family, for divorce cases. Or, a business law lawyer, for professional litigation.

We trust our instincts and we take into account the first exchanges with the lawyer. The lawyer/client relationship is established in a climate of trust . It is quite possible to change lawyers, if you feel uncomfortable at the first contact.

The question of fees comes into play in the choice of a lawyer. The lawyers’ remuneration is indicated in the fee agreements. We can discuss the proposed rates (schedules, fixed price, etc.) and decide to choose another lawyer, in agreement with fees that are more suitable.

Of course, we choose a lawyer near his home , to facilitate meetings and meetings. Sometimes, the geographical distance is justified by the reputation of the law firm.

Who are the different lawyers?

Depending on the content of his file, we will have to contact the right lawyer:

Business law  :

 lawyers, who intervene in the professional field. Several sections are at the heart of this part: taxation, business, etc.

Family law  :

the best known is the lawyer for divorces, but he deals as much with files on subjects of nationality or marital status. He defends minor or adult clients.

Labor law  :

a specialization, which most often places the lawyer between employers and employees. It can be a question of disputes in connection with employment contracts, or quite simply legal questions, on a precise situation.

Depending on a person’s financial means, legal aid may be requested and granted, if the future client meets the conditions for obtaining it.

Not all lawyers accept this formality of payment, hence the importance of being well informed beforehand.

This is why it is essential to define how to choose and where to look for a lawyer who meets your needs.

Where to find a lawyer?

All you have to do is search the internet to find out how to contact a lawyer . You can filter your prospecting by sector and by specialty.

Nowadays, every law firm has its own website . It is useful to skim the information, to have first indications. You can then send an email for more information.

It is very common in today’s world to consult lawyers online. This allows you to briefly explain your situation and to be redirected to the right lawyer. A useful approach, for the preparation upstream of his file, with a view to a physical meeting , scheduled later.

You can always explore the directories and call the different offices in your region. The network is a means of contacting a lawyer, recommended by a third party.

It is possible to turn to associations that guide these steps, or to a public body, which provides advice to citizens. This is the case of town halls , for example.

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